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High Profile Brand Ambassador Interview - Meghan Teichrib - Transcription

This month our Brand Journalist decided to visit local Squad Member, Meghan Teichrib of Megalash Boutique for her first CURLPERFECT™ Lash Lift. Meghan’s home-based business is set in the quaint bilingual town of Beaumont, AB. Her home is very open concept upon walking into the foyer, yet welcoming and warm. The lash room is set in a rosy glow of the floral essence which has become the signature of her brand, and Meghan is as lovely as you would imagine her to be.

SLP - I’m excited for this! Aside from using serums, this is the first lash treatment of any kind that I’ve had in almost a decade. I had a bad experience when they were new on the scene. They fell out quickly and I had bald spots for a long while.

MT - One year in this industry is crazy. Even if you had them done four years ago, that’s like a decade in the lash world. I didn’t even start until 2016 and that’s LATE TO THE GAME. A lot has changed since then.

I noticed that you have good lashes. They have good length and density, just lighter at the tips.


SLP - Yes, as I get older my lashes are getting lighter. I’ve been using a serum to increase growth.

MT - Good. I suggest using a serum for a good four weeks so you can get the most out of your service. The lashes falling out would’ve been from oils along the lash line and lashes, and the balding would’ve most likely been from the isolation. The lift is super low maintenance and you’re going to keep them dry for the first 24 hours and then live your life like you do. I do recommend using a bit of coconut oil and brushing it through with a spoolie once or twice a week. This is like a perm and colour for your lashes, so you want to keep them hydrated.


SLP - Does the tint last as long as the lift?

MT - No, because it’s a semi-permanent, but the tint can last anywhere from 2.5 weeks to 4 weeks. It depends on how astringent your cleanser is. I’m not a sales person, but I always tell my clients to buy Lash Pure - this stuff is amazing and it smells so good! However, because it’s THAT good at removing dirt and oil with extensions, it’s powerful enough to make your tint last only 2.5 weeks. I’ve seen a tint last up to 5 weeks with different cleansers.


SLP - You’ve been lashing for two years and now you’re a Brand Ambassador for Sugarlash PRO. That’s exciting!

MT - Yes! That had been a goal of mine since month one — then nine months in they had a contest for lash artist of the year and I entered into that. I did an entire collaboration with hair, makeup, and photography. The model I had in place called right before we were supposed to start and canceled! In a desperate rush, I woke my gorgeous 13-year-old stepdaughter from her sleep and asked her to be a model for the day. She had 15 mins to get downstairs, eat and be on set. The shoot turned out amazing, and although I didn’t place, I got honourable mention from Courtney.

That was around the time the whole sisterhood came about. Now my lash wife, Jessica - @industrylashandbrow is a Sugarlash Ambassador too! She reached out to me first and taught me about product, I taught her about how to take photos for Instagram and we’ve been solid since. Sugarlash has opened so many doors.


MT - Okay, just close your eyes and I’m going to take some before photos.

SLP - Your Instagram photos are so polished. Are you using any special equipment?

MT - I’d love a ring light, but I just can’t stray from this light. It’s a classic Ottlite for crafters. I bought it second hand from a little old lady and it costs $12 to change the bulb every six months. I love it, but any natural light will give you that.

People always ask what kind of phone I have, and they think that it makes a difference when it really doesn’t. On Instagram people want to see your feed and if you’re posting memes, that will throw off your brand. Keep your photos all the same tones and theme for consistency.


MT -  Okay, I’m just putting these eye pads on and you’ll feel a tug on the lower lashes. It feels weird at first but it feels great when they come off. I’m using Hydrogel eye pads because I like the bigger working surface.

Now I’m cleansing the eye with saline. You could use primer, but I can douse the lash and clean it well with saline. I always recommend clients come with makeup-free eyes and lashes, and if they don’t then I would do a shampoo first - and I always do this with extensions so they adhere properly for good retention.


SLP - Which services are you currently offering?

MT - Classic Lashes, Lash Lift, and Tint. I’m currently taking the Volume course,  and I was looking into a Fibroblast course, but my schedule wouldn’t work. The Sugarlash online course allows me to be with my kids and drink my coffee while studying.


MT - What I’m doing now is taking the silicone shield and placing it so the letter M is in the middle of your eye, and that gives me an idea of where to trim the eye pad. I’ll trim where your lashes end. If you don’t trim the shield you won’t get that really high lift on the edges and it'll do a swoop instead.

I’ve just applied the shield using the adhesive and I hold it for a second so that it adheres properly with no bubbles underneath. I’m applying adhesive on the top so I can slide the lashes onto the shield, adhering just the tips.


SLP - This feels a little weird. I can feel the tugging of my lashes on the shield.

MT - You want it to be pulled tight over the shield to create that high lift, otherwise it will give you a little bow in the lash and it will dip down into the eye.



You can probably smell the perming solution as I apply it at the base of the lash and work my way up. I’ll start the timer and process yours for 12 ½ minutes and set for 10. That depends on the lash type. I’ve only processed for the full 13 mins once when a client's lashes were really coarse. Over-processing can cause the lashes to frizz and break. It’s always better to under-process because you can always redo a lift. Now it’s a waiting game.

I started with another brand of lash perm - with rope rods and thick glue. It’s not the easiest product to use. But I’m self-taught and now certified with LashPRO Academy™. The Curlperfect™ Lash Lift has nice thin adhesive and is easier to use.


MT - You were in esthetics before?

SLP - Yes, twenty years ago and when I started in the industry there weren’t any regulations in place for Estheticians. I was being trained in esthetics by the salon owner where I started sweeping floors and washing hair. I’m a hands-on learner but realized that I needed a better education and started taking classes to become certified. Then I started a home-based business. This is one of the issues in the Lash Industry right now too. Lack of regulation.

MT - Yes! I’m up to sanitary procedures but there are some artists out there who don’t clean their tools. It’s also good to have duplicate sets of tools so that you can clean them properly between clients.


SLP - I loved the flexibility of being self-employed. What did you do before becoming a lash artist?

MT - I know! I was a slave to my boss for 10 years! I was the assistant manager at Boston Pizza, overseeing 70+ employees, writing safety procedures, training guides - you name it, I did it. It was stressful because I got comfortable and was taken advantage of.

I love being my own boss. I’m my own person. So I do what I want when I want, and how I want. It’s empowering.


SLP - How did you learn about lashing and what made you say, this is what I want to do?

MT - This is a tricky question. Initially, when I was going back to work after my maternity leave I wanted to treat myself, so I did the classic Kijiji search. I decided to get Classic Lashes, paid $100 for them and I liked them. But then she convinced me to go to this other type of lash that would cost half the amount, and they would remove and replace them each time. Well, those are cluster lashes and after wearing clusters for 3 or 4 months, I took them off and I had no lashes for 9 months. NONE. That’s how I was introduced to eyelash extensions.

Then, on my second maternity leave my employer had canceled my benefits and rather than being confrontational and fighting for a job I didn’t want, I just shut that door and moved on. I wanted to work from home and as soon as I came across lashes again - I became obsessed. I’m either all in or all out. I’m OCD and it’s a problem! My brain never stops.

I took a course that didn’t get me too far, but it got my foot in the door. They were teaching everything I already knew. I was obsessed so I already knew all the curls and all the diameters, but I didn’t know how to style them. Once I learned how to style - that’s when my game completely changed. I hopped on Lash Artist Lounge on Facebook and started asking questions. I wanted to be inspired by others and I took any advice they would give me. When you connect with someone who is passionate about the same thing you are, it makes you even more passionate.


SLP - Speaking of passion… What are your lash goals for your business?

MT - I’m really not 100% sure. I don’t want to open a salon or have employees at any time. Right now where I’m at is good and exactly where I need to be. I have my prices set so that I don’t have to do three sets to make a days wages. I’m where I want to be with my Classic Lashing, but as my kids get older I want to do more of the Volume. Lash lifts are my favourite though - they’re my jam.


SLP - Why is that?

MT - Not to talk myself up, but I just do them so well!


SLP - Listen, you’re the reason I chose to have a lift done during an interview. I heard you’re the best around here - so talk yourself up!

MT - (laughs) It’s so hard to do!


MT - As you’ve seen in my pictures my lifts are pretty curly, so you can get the most out of your lift. As your lashes grow out you‘ll still have that curl on the end. The curl will stay for as long as your natural lash remains. It’ll shed out and regrow in straight. You’ll be ready for a lift in about 5 - 6 weeks when you start to see the new growth coming in. If you don’t get a lash lift within 8 - 9 weeks, the results will be completely gone.

After removing the tint, shield, and the adhesive it was time for the after photos and wrap up my time with Meghan. The results were shocking! The lift made the eyes appear more open and the tint filled in those blonde ends. Megalash Boutique really IS that good.



Meghan’s images are a great example on how to keep your photos on-brand, and she’s been sought out by other lash artists for photography advice. This spurred her on to begin writing an e-book on how to take those rock star photos for Instagram. Follow her @megalash_boutique for brand and lash inspiration.

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