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Executing the Perfect Lash Lift

Believe it or not, lash lifts have been around for decades but have only gained increasing popularity since the peak of the lash industry. Set yourself up for success for all lash lifts with these simple tips!

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SLP X Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the latest and greatest service in the brow industry, and it only makes sense to add to your menu if you’re currently performing lash lifts, as it’s the same product! Brow lamination gives you the “Glossier Boy Brow” look, but lasts up to 6 weeks! Adding arch and definition and fullness to your brows by maximizing every hair and locking it into place. Get that trendy, full brow look and give clients an easy add-on service that will have their lashes perfectly framed!

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Don't Try This At Home: Lash Lifts

During this global pandemic, some of your clients may have performed at-home lash procedures. While we understand it might be tempting to do D.I.Y. lash lift - desperate times call for desperate measures - it is important to educate your clients on the dangers of performing these procedures without proper training and certification.

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