Which eyelash adhesive is best for you?

As long as eyelash extensions have been around, eyelash artists have searched for an adhesive with enduring retention, optimal workability and perfect grab—well, we’re pretty sure they have, anyway. There are dozens—maybe even hundreds!—of blog posts floating around promising the answer to the age-old question: “What is the best adhesive for eyelash extensions?” But the truth is there isn’t a single “best” adhesive out there. Your experience with lash adhesive has more to do with your lashing environment than with the lash adhesive on its own. So instead of trying to tell you which adhesive is best, we’re going to help you decide which is best for you, and why.

Sugarlash PRO currently carries four different lash adhesives. Each adhesive has been designed with specific characteristics in mind, and formulated to work in a specific environment. All four are high quality adhesives, but not all four will work best for you.

Candylash adhesive

Candylash adhesive is our most popular adhesive, and has a super thin consistency and extra strong hold. What makes Candylash unique is its incredibly quick dry-time. This adhesive grabs to the lash almost instantly, and is perfect for experienced lash artists who work quickly and efficiently in their lash appointments. Candylash has an optimal humidity range of 45-55% and its thin consistency makes it a favourite for Classic lash sets. With the quickest dry-time and strongest bond of any Sugarlash PRO adhesive, Candylash is best for experienced artists who are confident in their placement, and lash with speed and precision.

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Elite adhesive

With the widest optimal RH range of any Sugarlash PRO adhesive (20-75%), Elite is our most versatile adhesive. Elite works well in nearly any climate, and is a particularly friendly adhesive during the changing seasons. If Elite isn’t your go-to adhesive, we recommend keeping it on-hand as a backup for days when the temperature or humidity won’t cooperate. Elite is the best adhesive for eyelash extension artists who work in inconsistent or unpredictable climates, and lash artists who do house calls. Being slightly thicker in consistency than Candylash adhesive, Elite has less of a tendency to wick, and so works beautifully for volume lashing.

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Flawless Bond adhesive

Flawless Bond is our designer adhesive. With unique magnetic technology, Flawless Bond grabs deeper to the lash than traditional adhesives. Flawless Bond is the best eyelash adhesive for those who have “amazing retention” at the top of their priority list and also happen to keep their lashing environment in meticulous condition. Flawless Bond has a narrower RH window than Candylash (40-55%), and so works best for artists with good control over the humidity in their lashing environment. Lash artists who operate in very humid climates—or those who do not use a humidifier or dehumidifier—will have a difficult time getting the best this adhesive has to offer.

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Eyelight Clear adhesive

Eyelight Clear adhesive is in a league of its own. With the same formula and hold as Candylash, Eyelight Clear is already a perfect everyday adhesive—but with no Carbon Black ingredient, it’s our best eyelash adhesive for sensitive eyes as well! Some lash clients are sensitive to the black colorant in eyelash adhesive, and so using an adhesive without this colorant allows them to continue getting lash extensions. Eyelight Clear is also Sugarlash PRO’s best adhesive for coloured lashes, since it doesn’t show through.

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So, which adhesive is best for you?