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High Profile — Meghan Beck

This month, we had a chance to speak to LashPRO Educator — and all-round lash legend — @meghanbeck.slpro about a career that gives her the independence to structure her business — and her life — exactly the way she wants to. With five years in the lash industry under her belt, Meghan has been able to take every one of Sugarlash PRO’s courses and turn around to help develop new ones — all in the name of building an industry stacked with “badass bosses.”

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8 Tips for Stronger Extension Bonds!

We all want the same thing: happy clients, a great reputation for our business, and a booming clientele. This is why making sure you have optimal lash retention is the single most important factor in your eyelash extension business!

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Q & A: Keep Your Clients Coming Back!

This week our question comes from Shelley in Toronto, Ontario. She writes “Hey Courtney! I’ve been lashing for just over a year and I am quite booked but I am concerned that I don’t have enough fill appointments

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Wash Away the Nitty Gritty | 3 Favourite Lash Friendly Cleaners

Save your money for shoes, makeup, and lashes. Skin care doesn’t have to be pricey to be effective. See our top 3 LASH SAFE facial cleansers to get down to the nitty gritty while keeping cash in your wallet! Sugarlash PRO — Lash Pure Cleanser   Obviously our #1 — with good reason!  Specifically designed for lash extensions, this light airy foam cleanser can be used as an all-over cleanser and is gentle enough for sensitive eyes and skin. Helps treat and prevent blepharitis. Won’t clog pores and no filmy residue. An absolute must-have product. It can be purchased from your lash artist/salon.     Bioderma — Sensibio H20   Making makeup removal simple. Some days taking makeup off can...

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