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High Profile — Meghan Beck

This month, we had a chance to speak to LashPRO Educator — and all-round lash legend — @meghanbeck.slpro about a career that gives her the independence to structure her business — and her life — exactly the way she wants to. With five years in the lash industry under her belt, Meghan has been able to take every one of Sugarlash PRO’s courses and turn around to help develop new ones — all in the name of building an industry stacked with “badass bosses.”

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Premade Fans 101

Premade fans are great for artists struggling with fan creation and attachment, that are slower in their application and want to cut down time, and those who want to focus more of their time on the actual application vs fan creation.

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All About That B Curl

Hello, is it B Curl you’re looking for? Have you been neglecting this curl variety lately? B curl is underused and underestimated for the unique impact it can provide for your clients!

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4 Reasons to Use L and L+ Lashes

Unfamiliar with L and L+ curls? Nervous about incorporating them into your lash repertoire? Time to push past the doubts and start using them, because these unique curls are becoming a MAJOR trend. Here are 4 times you should start using Ls:

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Let's talk about FALL SHED

Fall is officially here — and that means the dreaded fall shed is too. On average, people will lose between 1 and 5 lashes every day because, at any given point, you have lashes in every stage of growth — from baby lashes just appearing, to mature lashes ready to shed. A single lash normally takes months to complete its growth cycle, but in fall and winter that cycle can shift, and lashes may shed more frequently. So if your clients come in for their fill appointments during autumn, complaining their lashes are falling out, don’t panic! We’ve got a little insight for you and your clients.

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