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High Profile - @yuellashbeauty

From San Francisco, CA, Sugarlash PRO Brand Ambassador, Yuel Lash Beauty — pronounced Jew-Elle —  grabbed our attention for the month of May. A certified lash artist obsessed with beauty, Yuel delivers stunning results! One look and you can see why!  

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Keep An Eye on Your Goals | An Outline from Student to Entrepreneur

The world of Eyelash extensions is an exciting and growing industry, growing rapidly in popularity. Starting out in any industry as a newbie can be a little daunting, and becoming an established lash technician is no different. There is no “one secret” to being successful — rather, it’s a sequence of practice and perseverance.  

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Summer Pool Party Lash Social

If you told me four years ago if I would be sitting in a pool alongside successful, gorgeous women laughing and talking about everything lashes, I would have said you were lying.  

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Lash Rehab | A 6-Step Program for Lash Addicts

So, you found a deal on Groupon and went for those super cheap lash extensions, and now you wish you hadn’t. Maybe you took your lash addiction a little too far without proper care. Lash extensions themselves aren’t the culprit for damaging your natural strands —  look at poor lashing skills and low-grade product that make your lashes fall from grace. We’ve got a few tips to help you through the mourning process.

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Bare Essentials | Summer Glow-on-the-Go

Heat waves. Outdoor fun. Sandy beaches. Summer has arrived. Time to ditch that intensive beauty routine for lighter days. These easy beauty tips will enhance your natural summer beauty look.

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