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High Profile — Meghan Beck

This month, we had a chance to speak to LashPRO Educator — and all-round lash legend — @meghanbeck.slpro about a career that gives her the independence to structure her business — and her life — exactly the way she wants to. With five years in the lash industry under her belt, Meghan has been able to take every one of Sugarlash PRO’s courses and turn around to help develop new ones — all in the name of building an industry stacked with “badass bosses.”

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How to react when your CLIENTS react

Lash artists, listen up! Today, we’re talking ALLERGIES. Part of being in the beauty industry is dealing with the small number of clients who react to your service, whether it’s esthetics, hair, massages — you name it! You’re a beauty professional who works with adhesives, cleansers, and primers all around the eye area, so it’s a topic that’s important — and one that you need to be an expert on. We know how difficult it can be, and that’s why Sugarlash PRO is working on not one, but TWO new systems to get lash addicts back in the salon after they’ve reacted! But until we release those, here are the top things lash artists need to know. (Clients, if you’re looking...

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Top 5 Reasons You Need Eyelash Extensions This Summer!

When the cold months are away, it's definitely time to play, which means you need beauty solutions that work as hard as you play hard. When it comes to serving summer LEWKS, nothing leaves you ready for the beaches, clubs, patios, pools, and vacations like eyelash extensions! Here are our top 5 reasons you need lashes out when the sun's out:

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Summer (Adhesive) Love: Optimize Your Adhesive for ANY Environment!

The weather’s getting a LOT warmer — which means summer’s just around the corner! Which means beach time, vacations, festivals, playing outside, and… changes to your adhesive performance. But that latter point doesn’t have to be inevitable with the following tips to optimize your adhesive even in the hottest months!

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LashPRO TV 12 | Capping

It may seem counter-intuitive to add additional lash extensions to a natural lash that already has an extensions, but if done correctly, capping is a safe and easy way to add great texture to a lash set. Here, LashPRO Educator, Debbie Vo, shows us how capping is done!

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LashPRO Therapy — Part 1

Most lash artists will tell you they have the best job in the world — the rush that comes with making other people feel beautiful, empowered, and comfortable in their own skin is like nothing else in this world. However, they also have a very physical job — one that puts a lot of pressure on their necks, backs, arms, and fingers. In this series, we want to explore how lash artists take care of themselves — and what products they use to do that.

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