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    • Lash-Cure Mister
    • Lash-Cure Mister

    Lash-Cure Mister

    Our Lash-Cure Mister cures Adhesive in 30 seconds, leading to better retention and low fume exposure from Adhesives. Curing means changing from a liquid state, to a solid state. After a force cure, lash extensions can get wet right away which means no more waiting for work outs, showers, or washing. Force curing greatly reduces sensitivities and allergic reactions by eliminating any fumed from the procedure immediately. 

    Read more about the Lash-Cure Mister and how it works here.


    • USB charged (comes with mini-USB cable)
    • Soothes eyes after appointment
    • Cures cyano-acrylate adhesive in 30 seconds
    • Built in timer



    Fill the small water tank with distilled water, using the refill bottle.

    Plug the opening securely with rubber closure. Gently sway the mister to clear any air bubbles. Switch unit on.

    It will take 15-20 minutes to reach operating temperature.

    Slide down the front body to release mist.

    Hold 20-30cm away from client's face and work back and forth between both eyes (open or closed). The tool has an automatic 30-second timer.



    After use Do not leave water in the mister overnight. Empty reserve and let the tank air dry over night. Fill each day with fresh distilled water. 

    Machine isn't producing mistIf the machine is not producing mist (or is too light of a mist), the battery may be low and needs charging. If water bead build up, or dust on the mist opening, clean with Q-tip.

    Cleaning the MisterThe water tank should be cleaned with a soak (accel TB, IPA, etc) routinely.




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