Classic Lash Kit

Classic Lash Kit
Classic Lash Kit

Classic Lash Kit

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Get all of your classic lashing essentials in one kit and save over 30%! With three pairs of tweezers, 5 lash trays, Lash Pure Cleanser, brushes, a Hygrometer  and more, The Classic Kit is perfect for new artists wanting to try out some of the Sugarlash PRO essentials and is the ultimate setup for seasoned classic artists.

+ Gel-Free Eye Pads
+ Finishing Spray
+ Standard Curve Tweezer
+ I-T Isolation Tweezer
+ SS Tweezer
+ Gel Remover
+ Matte Prep +
+ Mixed Silk C -Curl - 0.12
+ Mixed Silk L+ Curl - 0.12
+ Mixed Flat B-Curl - 0.18
+ Mixed Mink B-Curl - 0.18
+ Mixed Mink L+ 0.15
+ Mini Mascara Wands
+ Mascara Wands
+ Plastic Tape
+ Paper Tape
+ Lash Pure Cleanser
+ Cleansing Brush (107c)
+ Signature Bond 10 ml
+ Empty Cleanser Bottle 
+ Flocked Applicators
+ Digital Hygrometer
+ Adhesive Film
+Crystal Plate
+SLP Lash Tile

*Items in box are subject to substitutions - box contents may not be as pictured.