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  • CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift Course + Kit

    What is the CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift?

    CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift is a new generation perming method that is safer, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perms. Create lift, curl, and definition to natural lashes! Great alternative for clients not wanting the maintenance of eyelash extensions.


    • Lasts up to 8 weeks

    • Requires no lash adhesive or eyelash extensions

    • Comes in 3 different levels of “lift”

    • Uses cream based solutions for optimal safety

    CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift course is split into 3 topics:

    1. Client Prep (Cleaning, Priming + Gel Pad / Silicone Eye Pad application)

    2. CurlPerfect Application + Process

    3. Aftercare


    You will receive the CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift Kit that contains the following:
    • 15 perm solutions
    • 15 setting solutions
    • 15 nourishing oils
    • 5 pairs of small, medium, and large shields
    • 1 skin/shield adhesive
    • 1 pkg of flocked applicators
    • Certification for the CurlPerfect Lash Lift process after course is complete



      • You will be added to our Sugarlash PRO mailing list.

      • Your CurlPerfect Lash Lift Kit will be mailed out to you (it should arrive within a few days depending on your location and postal service).

      • You will be added to our private Facebook forum for on-going support. 


      You will be given a private password to our Online Classroom to log in to and take part in the class. You have access to this classroom for 3 months.

      The course will consist of 3 topics. You may work through these topics at your own pace (be sure to complete within 3 months).

      You can complete the course in as little as one day, or stagger your learning experience over 3 months.

      You can view and review all course module videos as much as needed.



      •  You will submit a before/after of one client to show your level of safety and results using the CurlPerfect Lash Lift system.

      Once standards meet CurlPerfect Lash Lift standards, you will be mailed your certification. If your model submission does not meet standards, you will receive feedback on things to improve on in your next application, and other submissions may be needed to gain full certification.


      HOW TO ENROL IN THE CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift COURSE:

      You can purchase the CurlPerfect Lash Lift Course + Kit online here.

      (click here to purchase the course)



      What do you charge for this service?
      In our salon we charge $80 for a basic lift, and $120 for a lift + tint but you can certainly charge what you feel is fair market value in your area.

      Does Sugarlash PRO sell tint?
      No, at this point in time we do not carry eyelash tint. In the video it does show you how to apply tint - so if you are wanting to add the tint into the service you may source your own line of tint to use.

      What if I don't want to tint lashes with the Lash Lift procedure?
      Then you would simply go from the setting lotion right to the oil to release the shields and would skip the tinting step.

      How long should I advertise the Lash Lift to Last for?
      6-8 weeks