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Lash Socials™

lash socials™ 

Lash Socials ™ are casual get-togethers for lash artists, by lash artists where local lashers can get to know one another, share industry tips, and ultimately strengthen their lash community—all over a mojito or two! Coordinated by Socialites around the world, Lash Socials ™ take place approximately once a month at a local restaurant, coffee shop, park, or other public space, and are your opportunity to engage with your local lash society. We created Lash Socials ™ out of the need for community among lash artists, and the desire to see lash artists succeed. By supporting and encouraging one another, by sharing industry wisdom and learned experience, you help alter the face of the lash world from sometimes unpredictable to confident, trustworthy, and renowned. Look for your city below and attend a Lash Social ™ near you!

We’re looking for lash artists like you to host Lash Socials ™ around the world.
Contact to become a Socialite, and start hosting a Lash Social
™ chapter in your city!


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