LashPRO Accelerator Course


(Due to High Demand LashPRO Accelerator™ 2018 will be launching again September 2019. Registration is now open.)

Welcome to LashPRO Accelerator ™! The first course of its kind to combine education in Branding, Marketing, Business skills, Lashing and Self-care into one intensive online program.


You’ve been trained in lash artistry, but no one taught you about the other side of the industry. You have too few clients (or too many), and you want to know how to attract and retain the right clientele for you. You want to learn how to use social media to grow your lash business, to build a brand that is uniquely yours, to effectively manage scheduling, pricing, and employees, but most importantly, to become the most proficient lash artist and the successful business woman you can be.

Lash PRO Accelerator is a 35-week online course designed for trained lash artists who are looking to transform their skills as business owners. Every week for the duration of the course, students receive 1-2 video modules focused around one of our five business fundamentals: Branding, Marketing, Lash Skill, Business Skill, and Self Care. Industry experts including founder and CEO Courtney Buhler, our Sugarlash PRO Educators, a cosmetic chemist, chiropractor, mindfulness expert, allergist, ophthalmologist, and a photographer provide in-depth information on a variety of health, lashing, and business topics untouched by conventional lash courses. Each month students have the opportunity to participate in Live Sessions with Courtney and an educator or guest speaker, and will also have access to our private student forum where they can meet other artists, and participate in peer to peer and mentor support.


The 5 Fundamentals

LashPRO Accelerator is founded on 5 principles we believe are integral to a strong lash business.

1. Branding
Strong branding is key to a unique and recognizable industry presence. Learn how to find your dream client, create a strong visual identity through social media, logo, and website design, utilize your unique selling points, and more in a full business branding course with Courtney Buhler.

2. Marketing
Target your ideal clients with tips on startup marketing, advertising, photography for your business, and using major social platforms to get your business on the map!

3. Lash Skill
Become a Lash PRO with advanced lashing modules from top lash artists and industry experts. Learn volume fan creation and wrapping, Russian wings, how to deal with difficult growth patterns and lash gaps, get an inner lash tutorial and more!

4. Business Skill
Being a savvy business owner requires more than just great lashing. Gain confidence in creating and implementing client boundaries and policies, learn to manage your time efficiently, retain clients, and let them go when it’s not working out.

5. Self-Care
A long and healthy career starts with a healthy body and mind. Learn from health and wellness experts how to maintain correct lashing posture, wrist health, and how to lash during pregnancy, while finding work/life balance through mindfulness.


What’s Included?

  • 1-2 video modules per week focusing on one of our 5 business fundamentals
  • Suggested homework and hands-on practice
  • Lifetime access to all online modules (see module list below)
  • 8 Live Sessions (monthly conference calls) with Courtney Buhler and a Sugarlash PRO educator or guest speaker
  • Access to our private LashPRO Accelerator forum
  • 10% off any LashPRO Academy training courses (hands-on or online) for life

Module Overview


Startup marketing
How to use Instagram for your lash business
How to use Facebook for your lash business
How to use Pinterest for your lash business
Collabs based on your ideal client
Expansion: tips for hiring
Lash photography makeup
Photography for your business 


Business Skill

Client boundaries and policies
Client relaxation
Efficiency and time management
Firing a client
Price increase
Mobile lash appointments: Worth your time?
Top client retention tips
Essentials for any new lash artist
Celebrity scoop



Finding your why
Finding your dream client
Logo design/visual identity
Finding your business standing points and USP
Lash menu and pricing
Website design
Social media design and setup

Lash Skill

Curl effects
Choosing lash length/thickness
Using L and L+ lashes
Mega volume
Russian wings
Eye shapes and effects
Eye conditions/safety/allergic reactions
Breaking the rules
The perfect fan
Wrapping volume fans
Advanced gel pad application
Oily and dry
Inner lash tutorial
Finding the tweezer "sweet spot" and angles
Difficult growth patterns
Bridging lash gaps
Hormones and lashes
Implementing volume lashing
Retention troubleshooting
Adhesive 101 and trying again after an allergic reaction
Experiment: Lash adhesive on different surfaces



Mindfulness and work/life balance
Posture and your lashing career
Lashing while pregnant (and catering to a pregnant client)

* Attention: Please be aware LashPRO Accelerator does not include full classic or volume training. LashPRO Accelerator modules are not available for individual purchase. *


“I learned both Classic and Volume lashing through LashPRO Academy, and was mentored in business from Courtney. I raised my prices, rebranded my business, and because of the skill level I attained through training, I was sought out by many customers for lash services and I even started lash training! Now I have moved to a beautiful space and I am booked solid. I was honored to win Lash Inc’s Lash Artist of the Year in 2015, and placed in the Lash Festival Competition thanks to the guidance I received from the Academy. I can’t thank Courtney enough.”

–Vicky Rugg





When can I purchase LashPRO Accelerator™?
Enrolment for LashPRO Accelerator™ is opens now, please call Custome Concierge to register 1-844-757-5274.

What happens if I miss enrolment?
If you call Customer Cencierge at 1-844-757-5274, they can put you on the waiting list for the next LashPRO Accelerator™ course. Winter Course commences in September. Summer Courses commence in May. 

Do you have payment plans available?
Yes! Students can either pay their full LashPRO Accelerator™ tuition upon enrolment, or they can pay in 9 equal payments of $219. The first payment is due upon enrolment, and subsequent payments are due on the 30th of each month.

Is the price in USD or CAD?
LashPRO Accelerator™ is charged in USD.

How do I use my discount code?
1 discount code per customer may be used when paying for LashPRO Accelerator™ in full. Discount codes may not be used in conjunction with payment plans. Upon checkout, you will be asked for a discount code. Simply type in your code and voila!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Students are eligible for a full refund up until and including one week into the program seven business days. On the either business day, no refunds will be granted, no exceptions, no exclusions.



How do I know if I’ll like it?
All students will be sent two video modules 5 days before the refund period ends. If, after watching the first two video modules you decide LashPRO Accelerator™ isn’t for you, let us know and we’ll issue a refund. Please note: refunds will not be issued after eight business days after the course commences.

What is included with my tuition?
Besides 60+ video modules and 35 weeks of expert education on branding, marketing, lash skill, business skill, and self-care, LashPRO Accelerator™ students will receive 10% off other LashPRO Academy courses, 8 monthly conference calls (Live Sessions) with Courtney Buhler and an educator or expert, and access to a private LashPRO Accelerator™ forum.

Can I enrol in LashPRO Accelerator™ if I haven’t taken any other lash training?
LashPRO Accelerator™ does not include full classic or volume training and is intended for lash artists who have taken at least one classic lashing course. Students wishing to take LashPRO Accelerator™ who have no lash training should take The Classic Course before enrolling.


Enrollment for LashPRO Accelerator™ September 2018 is now open.