Private Training



Sugarlash PRO is now offering private eyelash extension training! We understand that each unique lash artist has their own struggles, application style, and goals for their business. It's our desire to partner with you and custom create a course tailored to your business and lashing goals. 
Our lash educators are hand selected from around the world because of their skill, drive, and passion for the lash industry. We keep our educator team small to ensure you are working with world-class eyelash extension professionals! 
Brand new, and wanting to get into the industry and begin your career? What better way than by having an educator at your side, preventing bad habits from forming and making sure you're starting off your business with not only flawless application technique but also the knowledge and theory to understand business ownership. No distractions. No other focus but you. Imagine having a master lash artist at your disposal to tweak and correct each fan creation or placement! Or to ensure you really grasp style theory. Let us make your dreams a reality and fill in any gaps you feel are preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

Techniques offered: 

  • Classic Lashing 
  • Volume Lashing 
  • Lash lift 

Why book private training?

You choose what you learn!

Maybe you’ve already taken a Classic course, but want to brush up on Classic theory before diving into Volume! Or you want a full day of Volume training with a half day of Lash Lift added on to add a new service to your menu! 

Your educator will contact you ahead of time to get a feel for what would benefit you most in your training and will customize your 1 or 2 day course to have you lashing like a master in no time. 

What's included?

  • One or two days of one-on-one training with one of North America’s best lash artists
  • An intimate training space provided by our educators 
  • One product kit (Classic or Volume) including a LashPRO Academy Classic or Volume manual - If you wish to cover more than one technique in your private training, additional kits (manuals included) can be purchased for a fee. 
  • A document of completion to show you have completed (8 or 16 hours) of lash education.
  • (Optional) Certification (classic, volume, lash lift) once you meet company standards for application, adhesive control, direction, and lash safety through a certification call. 


  • 1 Day (8 hours) of private training $2000 (classic or volume kit and manual included)
  • 2 Days (16 hours) of private training $3000 (classic or volume kit and manual included)
  • Half Day of CurlPerfect™ Lash Lift private training (4 hours, kit included and same day certification) $700

Note: one kit is included for all private training courses. Additional kits may be added for a fee.  All payments for Private Training are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Private training is a very personal experience and we want to make sure we fully understand your needs! Please fill out the form below with your requested course, date, and location! Please note: our educators are located in Montreal and Las Vegas currently but we can travel to you for an additional fee. Our educator coordinator will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your private training in more detail! 


Are you interested in booking a LashPRO Academy private training? Fill out the form below and our customer service team will reach out to you to discuss your training: