Salon Training



LashPRO Academy’s salon trainings are ideal for salons and spas looking to add professional eyelash extension services to their menu, or a lash lounge wanting to get all staff performing at an elite level. In a salon training, a LashPRO Academy educator will train up to 15 staff in our award winning eyelash extension method that has prepared students to become award winning champions around the globe. Salon trainings include comprehensive coverage of theory, eye health, sanitation, isolation, application, styling, aftercare and more, in the comfort of your own professional space. 
Your salon can choose to be trained in classic, volume, styling, or lashlift techniques or a combination of these techniques over 2 days.
We want your salon to shine, and we know training all your employees can be a huge investment both in time and money. This is why we give large savings of up to 30% for large salon groups! We want to partner with you to ensure:

  • Your lash artist's are operating at a skill level where they can charge top dollar in your market
  • Your salon profits increase from our training 
  • Your staff are challenged, happy, and growing as artists!  

Techniques offered: 

  • Classic Lashing 
  • Volume Lashing 
  • Lash lift 

Why book salon training?

Did you know 25% of salon staff leave employment due to being "bored" and not progressing in their skills? Let us come in and inspire, empower, and encourage your staff with their new skill set to set your salon apart in your market! If you are low-mid priced for lash services currently, we want to change that! Our methods of eyelash extension application are tried, tested, and easy to adapt to transform your staff's skill, confidence, and enjoyment in their place of work! 

What's Included?

Our private salon training includes: 
  • Private education with a LashPRO Academy Educator in your salon
  • 1 kit and manuals per students (choose from classic, volume, or mixed kits)
  • 16 hours of lash education by our world renowned trainers 
  • A document of completion to show each staff has completed 16 hours of lash education, and final certification (classic, volume, lash lift) once staff have met company standards for application, adhesive control, direction, and lash safety via email and/or Skype. 


  • 2-day Salon training for up to 5 people (with the option of Classic or Volume kits) $10,000
  • 2-day Salon training for up to 8 people (with the option of Classic or Volume kits) $15 000
  • 2-day Salon training for up to 15 people (with the option of Classic or Volume kits) $20,000

 * Please note payments for Salon Training are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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