Advanced BridgingAnd Lash Illustions by expert leanne harber

Advanced Bridging and Lash Illusions is a collaboration between Sugarlash PRO and bridging expert Leanne Harber. Designed to bring bridging techniques into the mainstream, this online course will provide you with the tools allows clients who would normally be turned away from lash services to experience the confidence and empowerment that a set of lashes can bring.

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what is bridging?

Bridging is a technique used in lash artistry, whereby large or small gaps in a client’s lash line are filled in with either classic or volume lash extensions. The technique taught in this video was developed for Leanne’s friend and first lashing client, Toni. Since then, it has been used on clients with alopecia, those who’ve had cancer treatments, and those with gaps caused by lesions, warts, or from picking the eyelashes.

who can it be used on?

Although bridging is an advanced technique, it can be used on nearly any client with small to severe gaps in the lash line. Whether your client has a temporary gap from picking at his or her lashes, or a larger gap resulting from illness, this advanced bridging technique can be used to fill in areas where lashes are sparse or non-existent.

About bridging expert

leanne harber

Leanne Harber and is the creator and director of Hello Gorgeous Training Academy and Ultimate Lashes and Brows. Leanne has been in the lash industry for 16 years, and has been training for 10. She spends much of her time developing safe reconstructive lash and brow techniques for cancer patients in an effort to make everyone feel beautiful.

What you'll be


01 - Introduction
Hear Leanne introduce how and why this bridging technique came about, who bridging techniques can be used on, breaking the rules, and more, in this introduction to Advanced Bridging and Lash Illusions.

02 - Client Consult
The gaps in your bridging client’s lash lines will vary in size, and placement—some clients might even have several gaps! That’s why a thorough client consultation is imperative for a safe and healthy application. Watch Leanne go through some typical consultation questions with her client Toni, monitor her client’s expectations, and talk about the lifespan of a bridge.

03 - Application
Leanne completes two bridges on Toni, in this application video. Watch Leanne’s technique from start to finish on one of Toni’s eyes, and see everything from client prep, to preparation of the bridge, to lashing, and the amazing final transformation.

04 - Wrap-Up
Aftercare and fill appointments for bridging clients are unique to this service and are intended to preserve the life of a bridge, and the health of your client’s natural lashes. Hear from Leanne as she touches on these topics, and wraps up your course.



When you feel confident in your Bridging abilities, we require you send 2 before photos, clearly showing any gaps, 1 photo of the bridge (before lashing), and 2 after photos of a lash set you have completed photos of a client you've performed the Bridging process on. If your results are as great as we think they will be, you will receive a certificate in the mail. However, if that model/client is not up to standard, we will tell you what you need to improve in the next model to pass. Super-easy!

Answers to your


Q: How long do I have access to the course for?

A: Access to Advanced Bridging and Lash Illusions is for life, so you can return to the course anytime you have a question or need a refresher.

Q: Who can take the course?

A: This is an advanced course, and previous experience of classic or volume lashing is required. We recommend only students with a thorough understanding of lashing fundamentals enroll in this course.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Because access to Advanced Bridging and Lash Illusions is virtually instantaneous, we do not offer refunds. If you have any questions or concerns about the course once you’ve enrolled, please contact

Q: How long does the course take?

A: The content of the course runs for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and is broken down into 4 videos. You can easily complete the video portion of this course in one sitting, or break it up and study your manual in between.

Q: How long after taking the course can I implement this technique?

A: Bridging is a unique technique that will look different on every client—and even the same client from one appointment to the next. We recommend practising on a doll head as soon as possible, and moving onto live models once you feel comfortable. You should have a good idea after your certification call whether or not to start charging for the service, or if more practise is required.

Q: Who can this technique be used on?

A: This technique was developed specifically for a friend of Leanne’s who had cancer as a child, but advanced bridging can be used on almost any client with small or large gaps in their lash line. This technique is frequently used on clients with alopecia or those who have been through cancer treatments, but it is also useful for clients with minor lesions to the eyelid or temporary gaps from plucking out the eyelashes.
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