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    • Bio Gel Eye Pads (10 pairs)
    Application Accessories

    Bio Gel Eye Pads

    10 pairs

    Bio Gel Eye Pads are the most commonly used product for lower lash isolation. Our Bio Gel Eye Pads not only isolate lower lashes, but also provide an anti-aging treatment during lash application. They are very thin and have minimal gel on them to avoid swelling or irritation during wear. They stay in place well and provide long lasting comfort to clients. 


    • 10 pairs per pack
    • Chemical Free
    • Very thin
    • Smooth, bright white opaque finish



    Have your client look directly ahead so their eye is in a natural position and lower lid is in a neutral position similar to when the eye is closed.

    Line up the eye pad so all the lower lashes are covered and gently press onto client’s lower eye area, careful not to touch the conjunctiva (waterline) of the client. If there are stubborn lower lashes that will not stay under the pad, try re-applying or paper tape can be used to isolate remaining lashes.

    Have client close their eyes. Their upper lashes should lay comfortably and naturally over the pad. Adjust inner and outer corners of the pad as needed.




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