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    • CandyLash Adhesive (10ml)

    CandyLash Adhesive


    The CandyLash Adhesive is our Adhesive with the strongest hold and fastest dry time of 2 seconds. All our adhesives offer up to 8 weeks hold, low fumes, and optimal flexibility. When choosing an adhesive you need to take your workplace humidity into account. CandyLash Adhesive works best at 45-55% rH. Adhesive does not do well in temperatures over 23 degrees C, it will become gummy and spoil.

    • DRY TIME: 2 second (virtually instant)
    • VISCOSITY: Thin
    • COLOUR: Glossy Black
    • HOLD TIME: Up to 8 weeks
    • FUMES: Low
    • OPTIMAL HUMIDITY: 45-55% rH

    Once opened, keep adhesive in an airtight container with dry rice (or silica pack). Room temperature. DO NOT put in the fridge.

    This adhesive is extremely thin and strong. Isolate natural lash before picking up or dipping extension. Once isolated, dip 2-3mm (classic lashing) or 1-2mm (volume lashing) and bring right to the natural lash. Do not shimmy or "paint" the natural lash with the adhesive. Simply press this adhesive to the natural lash base and hold for one second. 



    Sticky/Goopy - Your adhesive is spoiled due to improper storage.

    Separated - Your adhesive is compromised due to heat or moisture.

    Has a whitish haze on the lashes after misting - This is called blooming/frosting. You may have cured the adhesive bonds too quickly. You can try misting and fanning throughout appointment. You may also want to skip the Primer.

    Poor retention -Improper storage or controlled workspace humidity. Might need to buy less more often to keep from spoiling.

    Humidity Issues - When choosing an adhesive you need to take your workplace humidity into account. If your environment isn't ideal, don't worry, you can use a dehumidifier or humidifier to help you find that sweet spot (use our Hygrometer to check the %). If you're still struggling to control your humidity we recommend using the Elite Adhesive over the other adhesives as it works well in a wider range of humidities from 20-75% rH. If humidity is too low, the adhesive will work slower. Whereas, if it's too high the adhesive will be speed up which may potentially be too quick to place in time for a good bond.

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