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    • Acupressure Ring + Bracelet
    • Acupressure Ring + Bracelet
    Lash Pro Therapy

    Acupressure Ring + Bracelet

    As a lash artist keeping yourself healthy is vital to the success of your business. Sugarlash PRO designed the LashPRO Therapy collection to tackle common pain points caused by lashing.

    The Acupressure Ring + Bracelet works with your body to reduce both physical an emotional stress in order to keep your fingers and wrists healthy. 

    • 1 Acupressure Ring
    • 1 Acupressure Bracelet
    • Read 'Store + Use' for benefits
    • Made from Spring Steel
    • Silver coating


    Choose one or more fingers and gently roll the Therapy Ring up and down each finger evenly from top to bottom. 
    Massage each finger for 5-10 minutes or as desired. You will notice a reaction and release within as short time and feel the blood supply increase to your fingers. Feel what works best for you - everyone reacts differently and needs to vary their massage times based on stress and fatigue.

    : Stomach, spleen, skin surface, absorption and digestion of food.  Calms the nerves and eases worry and stress.
    Index Finger: Kidneys, bladder, muscles, circulatory system. Induces feelings of peace, increases mental clarity.
    Middle Finger: Liver, gall bladder, haematopoiesis, detoxification, conversion of nutrients. Reduces anger, increases harmony and balance.
    Ring Finger: Lungs, large intestine, deeper layers of the skin, respiratory system. Promotes vitality and energy. Helps with feelings of grief and sadness.
    Little Finger: Bone structure, heart, small intestine. Increases your intuition and stimulates inspiration and inner wisdom.

    Reduce fatigue and stress on tendons and muscles by massaging the Therapy Bracelet up and down your forearm and along the wrist. Beneficial both before clients and after a long day's work.

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