Mixed PRO Kit

Mixed PRO Kit
Mixed PRO Kit

Mixed PRO Kit

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Regular price $395.00 USD


You’re a versatile lash artist—and your kit should reflect that! With a variety of tweezers perfect for every type of lashing, five lash trays in varying lengths and diameters, primer, Lash Pure Cleanser, Finishing Spray, adhesive setup and more. The Mixed PRO Kit is as versatile as you are! Buy all your favourite classic and volume essentials in one place and save over 30%!

+ Hydrogel Eye-pads
+ V-45 Tweezer
+ I-T Isolation Tweezer
+ V-Master
+ Gel Remover
+ Primer
+ Curator
+ Mixed Silk C-Curl - 0.18
+ Mixed Flat C-Curl - 0.15
+ Mixed Mink D Curl 0.15
+ Mixed Silk C-Curl - 0.07
+ Mixed Mink B Curl - 0.06
+ Mini Mascara Wands
+ Mascara Wands
+ Plastic Tape
+ Paper Tape
+ Lash Pure Cleanser
+ Cleansing Brush (107 c)
+ Signature Bond 10ml
+ Flocked Applicators
+ Empty Cleanser Bottle
+ Crystal Plate
+ Adhesive Film
+ Finishing Spray
+ Lash Tile
*Items in box are subject to substitutions - box contents may not be as pictured.