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    • Silicone Eye Pads
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    Silicone Eye Pads

    Silicone Eye Pads are the latest innovation for lower lash isolation. These eye pads have no active ingredients and therefore significantly reduces risk of an allergic reaction. Silicone eye pads are also very economical as they can be re-used up to 100 times when cleaned and cared for properly (see store + use tab for instructions).  

    Our Silicone Eye Pads are manufactured from soft, skin friendly, high-tech silicone.


    • 1 pair per pack
    • Reusable
    • Chemical Free
    • Very thin
    • Suitable for sensitive skin



    Care Instructions:
    Clean with Antibacterial soap and warm water or specialized cleanser (CaviCide or Accel TB) is sufficient to kill most microorganisms.


    • 70% - grade Alcohol
    • Ultrasonic device
    • UV - light


    • Hot Air - 180¼ Celsius for 30 min
    • Hot Air - 170¼ Celsius for 60 min
    • Hot Air - 160¼ Celsius for 120 min
    • Steam up to 100¼ Celsius
    • Place in boiling water

    Dermatological and Microbiological tested. 


    Place with the shiny, polished side directly over the lower lashes. Apply light, even pressure to form a bond with the skin. Place medical tape on top of the eye pad to prevent staining when wiping off excess glue, and to secure pad in place.


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