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    • Primer (15ml)



    Eyelash Primer is used on client lashes before applying lash extensions for a couple of different reasons. It strips natural lashes of oils and residue, provides an optimal pH level for bonding lash extensions and can help with retention issues. 

    • SIZE: 15ml
    • SUITABILITY: For all skin types, especially oily
    • COLOUR: Clear

    Can be left at room temperature. DO NOT put in the fridge.

    Wet a lint free Flocked Applicator with the Primer. Take another dry lint free Flocked Applicator and rub the two together. This will ensure that you don’t have too much primer on either applicator preventing over-saturation of solution which can cause it to run into client’s eyes. Gently brush over natural lashes with the two applicators. Do not rinse.


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